When shopping for the right swimsuit it’s important to make sure the styles you choose is stylish, compliments your body type and gives you that confidence booster. So, you can feel your best-self whilst lounging on the beach, swimming in the sea or partying by the pool. When exploring the best swimsuits for your body, it's important you find the right swimsuits that make you feel beautiful, and we want to ensure this happens 

Your swimsuits should fit like Lingerie, offering you the support/coverage that you need. With this being said, it’s time to explore the different swimwear types to suit your individual body shape so you look and feel 🔥 for your next vacay.
Pear Shape 
Pear shapes, tend to have delicate slim shoulders, a small waist and curves around the hips and bum - picture Beyoncé & J-Lo, these are a couple of celebrities with this natural body shape. 
We recommend the best bikinis for pear shaped bodies, are triangle bikini tops with thin straps and bottoms with high cuts. As this will help to elongate your figure, creating an illusion that you’ve got longer legs. Making you look taller whilst accentuating your curves and drawing attention to your slim waist.
We believe the swimsuits listed below are perfect for this body shape:
Apple Shape 
Apple body shapes tend to have slimmer hips with a fuller bust and curvier diaphragm.
When looking for the most flattering swimsuits for apple shapes, it’s vital to find bikinis/ one pieces with support for large bust. We recommend thick straps & underwire bikini tops.
The most flattering swimwear look you want to try and create with your body is a slim waist. High waisted bikinis are perfect as well as one Piece’s and scoop or low necklines with built in tummy control.
We recommend the following
Athletic Shape
Athletic body types have smaller bust with a straight silhouette. There is minimal difference between the waist, hip & bust.
Most swimsuits will suit this body type. However, we recommend bikinis with long tie straps are perfect to help create the illusion of curves like a smaller waist. Cut out one pieces also help to create lucious curves.
The swimsuits to try are
Hourglass Body Shape
The hourglass figure is more balanced with fuller bust, round hips and a slim waist.
Most swimsuits tend to suit this body shape however we do have our recommendations…
The perfect swimsuits include
Introverted Triangle Body Shape
This body shape has broader shoulders than hips with a small waist and fuller bust. It’s important to create a more balanced look when looking for the perfect swimsuit.
We recommend you chose swimsuits that have thicker shoulder straps, as this will help to make your shoulders look smaller. Bikinis with underwires will also support your bust as well as one shoulder one pieces. These styles are more likely to give you that balanced look and feel.
When it comes to colours, you should always consider neutral colours on the top half with bright colours on your bottom half
We recommend the following swimsuits
Regardless of your body shape, we want you to know all shapes are beautiful, and there is no such thing as a "perfect" body shape. It is important for us that you know what swimsuits works best for your shape and will help boost your confidence.
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